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  1. Gemini October Horoscope: Love, Money & Career
  2. Gemini Money Horoscope: Know Financial Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign
  3. 12222 Gemini Finance and Wealth Horoscope

You need to accept new challenges willingly and keep working over the same to achieve your objective about increasing inflow of money. You need to refrain from taking major decision in matter related to finance in haste driven by impulse.

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You need to keep your cool here, even when situation seems provocative. Family related expenses are to increase here.

Gemini October Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

No major expense is envisaged here for you. October to December Viewing planetary movement here, do not take undue risk or deviate from ethical practices to increase inflow of money for you. You may need to increase provision for family.

You do not have to incur any kind of major expense here. However, you need to keep enough provision for unexpected expenses here. At end of the year, you are to find yourself in a more comfortable position on financial front. The entire year, Saturn will transit in the seventh house which will bring some stressful situation in conjugal life.

The Jupiter will. I was suggested to seek a solution to my problems by Astrologer and consult Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant. I followed his advice and was suggested to pooja of Sfatik Sri Sri Yantra and other vedic astro remedies by the astrologer.

This proved to be extremely helpful. My business is recovering and my financial situation has also improved. I have a high regard for astrologer Umesh, who helped me in my tough times. I can never forget his contribution.

Gemini Money Horoscope: Know Financial Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Read More. Personalised Predictions. Siddh Astro Remedies. Puja and Anushthan. User Review I was suggested to seek a solution to my problems by Astrologer and consult Pt. Astrology Article. Trusted Since Your yearly forecast shows that your passport is gonna be stamped a few mores times in because your horoscope indicates trains and boats and planes, or even lots more shorter journeys. This is also the year that you might attend a school or college reunion or decide that you want to work on your relationship with your siblings. Gemini Horoscope predicts that will be a year when you will find the time for people that have your interests at heart and who value you and, more importantly, encourage you to value yourself.

For a more personalised 12month forecast, based on your date of birth, get Your Personal Year Ahead Predictor here! Here is what the Gemini yearly horoscope predicts for your love life during ! Venus and Mars. Forgive us for sounding preachy. Are you a single Gemini? And Venus never forgets about all you coupled Geminis either.

12222 Gemini Finance and Wealth Horoscope

But rather than this being your own personal independence day, this is when the two of you could get closer and start building for the future by pulling together. Yup, you lovely lot are going to benefit from an extra birthday gift of love, like warmth and understanding, because of Venus, and your heart will be just that bit closer to the surface and rather than you regarding this as making it an easier harpooning target for the unscrupulous, please see it instead as being able to positively encourage someone close to do the same, cutting out the game playing and hand-wringing uncertainty, hopefully.

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Then we come to Mars. Can you always get what you want? You might just manage to pull it off when the other lustier love planet rocks up in your sign and this is going to make you want to, and not to put too finer point on it, get your rocks off!