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Be patient and efficient, though, for although there will be points that require you to fire on all cylinders, this is primarily an endurance run, not a sprint. As the lunar month rolls to a close on the 17th, remember your friends and your community. They are the window through which we often see love shine.

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Though some relationships may have gone wrong, the desire to love and support, and be loved and supported in return, was always right. Work back through the past until you recover the fundamental motivation, as it is a treasure impossible to replace. Look to the horizon with determination, for although many things can slow you, nothing can stop you. As we close in on the New Moon in Pisces on the 17th, look for your lost love in the wide ocean of your professional dreams. We all want to do what we love, and sometimes we do, but even then, our raw passion is easily obscured by worry and ambition.

It can be summoned again by remembering. This trio highlights the exchanges of time, money and energy between yourself and others. You may see some relationships tested, with some confirmed and others exposed. It is not a time to trust blindly, yet it is also important not fall into paranoia. Be firm but wise in your judgments about who owes who what, and make sure to hold yourself to the same standard you hold others to. The New Moon in Pisces on the 17th asks where love fits into your world-view.

Is it accorded its invisible, fundamental place, or have you mapped the mechanics but forgotten about the golden fuel upon which the living clockwork runs? The ingress of Mars into Capricorn later on the 17th begins a 2-month period wherein relationships become a doorway for challenge and ordeal. You may need to be there for someone in order to help them shoulder a greater burden than normal. Conversely, you may have to draw firmer boundaries with those around you. The New Moon in the third decan of Pisces on the 17th points to the exchanges of time, money and energy between yourself and others.

The flow of resources can easily obscure the fundamental desire to give and receive love which is, in fact, the original impulse behind many givings and takings. Time, money and energy are things in and of themselves, but they are also symbolic vessels for love. When we forget what the symbols mean, they lose their power. Remember why you share what you share. Later on the 17th, Mars enters Capricorn and asks you to suit up for heavy labor, as the next 2-months are likely to present an industrial-strength serving of work. The New Moon in the third decan of Pisces spotlights the most obvious site for love lost and found — your relationships.

Go backward through the stories until you come to the golden beginning, and then begin again, from there. Shortly after the New Moon on the 17th, Mars enters Capricorn. The solve may be as simple, and as hard, as persistence and determination. The New Moon in the third decan of Pisces points to the joy so easily lost in the mundane details of life. Yet there are small acts of love and service which redeem the smallness of daily tasks. We take care of the world out of love, we serve our houses with love and care, we cook and clean to restore and renew, for ourselves and for our loved ones.

There are better reasons — remember them. There may be contention in your clan which will require both self-protection and patience on your part. Consider how you might fortify your position. The New Moon in Pisces on the 17th asks you to take another look at the art and entertainment you enjoy. Look through your current patterns and see if you can find the root of your pleasure. That spring is not only your well of joy, it also your fount of creativity.

It is what you want to see in the world, whether you or someone else creates it. Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn immediately after the New Moon, and the trio conspire to fill your calendar with both accomplishment and ordeal. The New Moon in Pisces asks you to take another look at where you live. Those things may be true, but they are hardly the only truths.

Your home is your nest, your womb. Its function is to support and restore you.

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But in order to love you, it needs to be loved, too. Ask yourself how you can better love your home, and then get to it.

The support will be returned. Having a war chest, no matter how small, is a nice thing, just in case one planet or another launches a sortie against your bank account. The New Moon in Pisces asks you to remember the reasons behind your routine. Trace backward. You do X because of Y and you do Y because of Z, etc. Once returned to that source, work outward again, from fundamental motivation all the way back to the work and play you have on your calendar.

Your schedule may or may not change as a result of this process, but its meaning will be restored. Some tough moments and hard decisions may well wait during this span of time. Take it as it comes, and take care of yourself. The New Moon in Pisces on the 17th asks you to look at your bank account and see more than numbers and anxiety.

Although money is not love, it helps us to fund our passion and provide safety and comfort to those we adore.

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Yet it is easy to forget the purpose of money, to get caught up in the whole worry and anxiety of it. In order to go out there and do what needs to be done, we need a deeper reason, a more enduring motivation. Money is a means to something worthy, to support something or someone you love. Remember that, and return to the real reasons.

Shortly after the New Moon, Mars enters Capricorn, beginning a pair of months which will highlight some of the scarier monsters lurking in your shadow. Be prepared to confront old patterns without slipping back into them. The New Moon in Pisces offers you an opportunity to relocate the good crazy inside you, the divine madness which is the secret ingredient in your special sauce. Although you can filter out some of it, that fish tank is never going to be completely clean. It may be that people act up, or it may be that some friends go through some exceptionally hard times.

Like that woman said in The Imaginarium of Dr. Another magickal mystery tour through the sky. As a Pisces ASC in the last decan, this posting hit the mark. Thanks again Austin. When we are in touch with the differing zodiacal energies in our chart, more than one horoscope becomes pertinent. Scorpio: my pleasure lies in going deep into serious, pertinent mysteries of life; old pleasures sports are cast aside or otherwise simplified into metaphors and narratives tangential to my nascent primary interest politics. It feels good, holistically, to become, to quote Alan Watts, more of what I am, even if the Ego futilely bucks.

Yet the Sag in me desires worldwide travel, not temporary travel; to ensure this requires patience upon patience upon patience. In the end, man is as free as he can afford to let alone, right?

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    The three modes of the elements:

    Cancer: The Crab. Leo: The Lion. Virgo: The Virgin. Libra: The Scales. Scorpio: The Scorpion. Sagittarius: The Centaur. Capricorn: The Goat. Aquarius: The Waterbearer. You could decide to pack it all, relocate across the country or to another country where you could meet a new playmate at your new workplace. Expect stressful tension, struggle, turmoil, agitation, criticism, and irritation possibly caused by someone close, possibly a much demanding employer. Make sure your home and other real estate assets are fully protected with sufficient insurance. Reclaim your Life. Stabilize your finances.

    All the best; that is if you are not an unlucky freeloader.

    Pisces Birthday Horoscope: 3rd Decan

    Go to the source within to find strength. Then, and only then, the right synchronic people Cosmic Helpers could suddenly appear in your Life at just the right time at just the right place. Let me know when this happens. I ask for help and support. You might find an appropriate doable solution right there. NOTE 2: This strategy worked and still works for many emailers who send feedback.

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    I focus on projects that are simple and doable. I develop greater self-confidence. I am getting better organized. I rethink my plans. I reorganize my priorities. I explore the most practical options. I bring stability in my Life. I do the right things to my advantage.

    I focus on what I enjoy most; on what I can do best. I am becoming a more satisfied and happier person. What I firmly believe, I can create. Your future is now if you contact astro-psychic MARC. Be kindly generous as we are. The person I have become, more competitive, bears little resemblance to the person I had been.

    I communicate more easily.

    Pisces Third Decan

    I play an essential role in the community. Thank you Marc. MARC wastes no time in getting to the point. Astrology comes alive via a lively writing style. I have found them very precise and accurate.

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    The overall effect is rather convincing. I always come to your website to read my horoscope. Very detailed and always on-point. Marc's passion for his work and compassion for others shines through. Mentally see the objectives you want to materialize.

    Pisces Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

    Your next step is to clearly formulate and recite assertive affirmations of what you want to happen in your Life. Trust Life. What do you think? I would like to read your emailed comments and feedback so that I can provide you with more first class insight, useful tips. Bright colors, paintings and mirrors on a wall help too. Plain common sense.

    More suggestions? Bring into your living space natural materials such as straw, cotton, solid wooden furniture, stone or wood sculptures, big plants, ceramics and similar objects that are conducive to pleasurable vibes. So, go ahead and materialize it. Good Fortune. To attract abundance, display flowering plants such as orchids, tiger lilies. Put some Quartz Crystals near the plants. True Dynamo these stones are. Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy. Use live plants as much as possible because they enhance chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems, they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha into positive chi.

    To circulate and spread Good Fortune, use live plants and quartz crystals to help chi flow throughout your house and workplace.